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Ship Spares


Jamaica Ship Stores & Services also offers logistics solutions for ship spares that are of a critical and urgent nature, and needs to be shipped "in-transit" to prevent delayed vessels in port. Through our Pre-Customs Clearance Service, we offer efficient Port- to-Deck, Deck-to-Port, and Deck-to Door delivery service for those urgent spare parts your vessel requires during emergencies. 

Whether your "ship spares in-transit" arrives by sea or air transport,with advance notice, our team of professionals is well equipped to make speedy customs clearance and delivery to your vessel at any port in Jamaica. We will also arrange and expedite the return of spares from your vessel to a supplier or another vessel any where in the world. While we do have many freight options, to the benefit our our customers, our logistics solution for "ship spares in-transit" is designed to match the customer's delivery requirements in terms of urgency and cost-efficiency for each shipment.

To learn more about our logistics service for "ship spares in-transit", contact our sales team.


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